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Made In America

Volume I

Made In America Vol. I – Cover Image

“I thought what ‘American’ meant originally was: the dream is available to us all.”

Jason Isbell

It has always been my dream to come to the United States, home of so many of the inspirations that had put me on my musical path. The deep and endless valleys between skyscrapers, an endless prairie, or endless highways – all of this is hard to find in Germany. Folk, country, and Americana music – it doesn’t really find its way across the ocean that often. The never ending motives of home, travel, and longing just seem to lend themselves so much better to America—an America that I only knew from photos, books, movies, and of course music. I fell in love with an image of this country so deeply that I needed to be a part of it. I had to be here to be able to truly capture American culture in song.

I moved to the States during a very dynamic and emotionally charged time and it turned out the country I would find held so much of what it had promised and yet was so entirely different. I have lived here for over two years, now. I have traveled; I have tasted the longing. I have missed home, and I have found a home. And I have met people. Many different people from many different places. I made friends, got to make music with them, and I learned so much. It took me two wonderful years to catch my breath and to find my voice and now I’m finally ready to share my music with the world. People from everywhere have worked hard and helped me to make it come to live and I am forever grateful.

My time in the United States has taught me countless lessons but the most important one might be that as someone who wasn’t born here, I can still become a part of this dream. However, I know that this is not true for everyone. I was extremely fortunate to be welcomed into an amazing community with people from all over the world. Only through the help of this community did I get to create something I had always dreamed of. I found myself in a studio in New York with talented colleagues that I’m very happy to call my friends to record American music that I had written. I hope you can hear the enjoyment, the love, and our bond in this music. I got to learn what meaning this label can truly bear and I am proud to present my music – Made in America.

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Made In America – Volume I

by Nils Becker


Happiness Looks Good on You
When You Wish You Couldn’t Love
Love Makin’ in the Makin’
Walk This Road Alone
Matti Dunietz
Dan Hemerlein
Aviv Goldgeier
Backing Vocals
Lauren Scales
Recording & Editing
Aggie Tai
Mix & Mastering
David Ropertz

A big and heartfelt Thank You goes to

All of the people who have worked on this record.
David Wolfert, Barry Eastmond, and Phil Galdston for the countless invaluable lessons on songwriting.
My family for all the support. I could never thank you enough.
And to all of you for listening!

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